“When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear.”

– Buddha

Upon the creation of a new identity and new ways of perceiving the world (post anxiety disorder) I asked myself the question of ‘what now?’ I was proud of my new mental and emotional state, my health anxiety, generalized anxiety, and panic disorder was behind me, and I felt a sense of confusion arise within.

I Asked Myself…

“With all this great knowledge and momentum I had gained through the methods I applied to my own life, what should I do with it?”


It’s recommended that you go at a slow speed retaining the necessary knowledge you need prior to moving on to the next module (25 modules total). Speed is not our concern towards becoming an RIC anxiety life coach, understanding is. A commitment of 1-2 modules per day prior to the written exam and 1 on 1 Skype test is an ideal speed to proceed with.
The Rapid Intuitive Conditioning life coaching course for anxiety is easy to understand, and an excellent way to add to your current skill sets you may have. If you’re currently a mental health therapist, a counsellor, or other professional, the tools you’ll gain from this course will bring your understanding and skill sets to a whole new level.

This Course Lays Out All The Methods And Skill Sets That Have Helped Me Successfully Coach Thousands Of People Towards Living The Life They Deserved.

Flexibility is the key, if we want to truly make a difference in an anxiety sufferers life. RIC anxiety life coaching is about seeing where the root cause of the problem lies for an anxiety sufferer, and targeting which method will work best for that person.

Below are just a few of the modules you’ll be focused on during the course:


  • The proper life coaching mindset

  • How to quickly shift your friends, family members, or students anxious mindset

  • Reclaiming your students true identity

  • The creation of a person’s anxious reality

  • The secrets between the conscious and the subconscious mind

  • 7 laws of the mind that anxiety sufferers don’t know about

  • Cortex vs amygdala based anxiety

  • How to overcome the resistance to change

  • The 4 pillars to success

  • The mental, emotional, physiological, and energetic techniques for rapid change

  • And More.

#1 coaching course on the market!

This Course Includes The Latest And Greatest Knowledge For Healing Anxiety Towards Long Term Positive Change

Rapid Intuitive Conditioning takes the guesswork out of anxiety recovery, and puts the power back into the hands of the anxiety life coach, and student. The understanding you will gain from this course will guide you towards not only bettering your loved ones lives, but making a real impact on the world for the better. Not only that, but you will be fully equipped to live a life of self mastery yourself. Meaning, to be in complete control of your own emotional state so that peace, joy, and happiness becomes your constant emotional companion everyday.

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Join me in becoming a Rapid Intuitive Conditioning anxiety life coach today. Let’s work together to end the emotional pain and suffering that so many anxiety sufferers are going through.


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