how to find true happiness

How To Find True Happiness Through Your True Purpose

“Waiting For Happiness To Show Up At Your Door Is Always The Wrong Approach.”

We seek happiness in everything we do in life. It can also be said that we think that what we do at work, home, social circles, and life in general, brings us happiness. However, a large chunk of the things that we think offer happiness, really don’t!

Rather than understanding life as a game that has to be played and enjoyed, we find ourselves perceiving it to be a race that we need to win (which causes further pressure and anxiety). Our excessive focus on what the society terms as ‘success’ distorts our experience, relationships, and other vital ethereal facets of life.

The sad reality, and often the fear of many is that forty years down the line, we may end up with an unfulfilled and unhealthy life filled with stress and worries. This may lead to an in-alienated sense of wonder about what happened to the magical dreams that we once dreamt of!

It is important to note that if you spend your time serving the needs which really do not define you, you are bound to being unhappy. The most profound source of happiness and fulfillment emanates from the fact that you know you are following a path of your own choice, and creating a difference in the world.

Brainstorming Your True Interests And Passions Are The Answer To How To Find True Happiness

Purpose of life is a good concept, but it is usually used in the wrong sense. It is fine to believe in a certain thought or idea, but it is altogether a different thing to be living it and viscerally experiencing it. Until you are able to find your life’s purpose, you will always be travelling down a path created by someone else. This is why, it’s important for you to find your true life’s purpose.

Presented below are some ways on how to find true happiness, and connect to your purpose:

  • Know your strengths: All of us are naturally gifted in one thing or the other. They are our super powers and we generally have a gut feeling about what our core strengths are. It can be life coaching, public speaking, social interaction, analysis, motivation, problems solving, or discipline. Use these gifts to find your life purpose.
  • Know and understand your values: Values are the blocks on which you lay your life’s foundation. It is one of most vital aspects of life’s purpose. You should not make any compromise when it comes to your values, with regards to health, family, sincerity, freedom, mischievousness, intimacy, exploration, love, achievement, etc. List them out in descending order of priority and then think about all possible experiences and events that will enable you to feel and elucidate these values.
  • Note down your moments of passion: There are certain moments in life when we feel invincible and inspired. This time or moment in life can occur at work, traveling to a new place, cooking a dish in the kitchen, etc. Keep a track of such passion moments that bring happiness to the core. Use them to drag yourself out of unhappiness into self-love. 

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  1. Tania Tanya
    September 24, 2018

    This is such a beautiful write up, I’ve come to realise happiness will not come meet me at my door step. Being happy always is also how I got rid of anxiety.

    1. September 24, 2018

      Nice realization.

  2. Joyce Wesley
    October 27, 2018

    This is such a good read ! until we look inward understand purpose even in times of anxiety, true happiness will remain a mirage. Thanks again for sharing, keep doing the good work

  3. Danny Scott
    October 27, 2018

    The older I become, the more I understand that I will always be vulnerable to anxiety when I keep measuring my success and defining my happiness by general societal standards. This post just brought all these to my consciousness again.

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