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Talking Someone With Anxiety Out Of Giving Up

“Someone With Anxiety Must Understand That It’s Not A Life Sentence, It’s An Opportunity To Leave Behind The Old Limiting Characteristics, And Create New Empowering Ones.”

I have to admit, I wanted to completely throw in the towel and give up on myself many times during my anxiety disorder. It’s not easy living each day terrified of what’s to come, avoiding everything that spurs on symptoms of anxiety, and blaming the world for your emotional state.

Worrying makes a difficult journey even more difficult, was the golden lesson here.

To have anxiety is to live in a state of constant assumptions (my YouTube channel will help you understand this better). Assuming the worst possible scenario that might occur, and hoping that the thing that sensitized you last time doesn’t appear this time. Someone with anxiety goes through this debilitating cycle constantly without let up because at this point the body has been trained so well to react to the external world, that it overtakes the mind and their thoughts completely.

Anxiety sufferers may feel like they have lost utter control of their minds, and frightfully they believe the same might happen to their bodies.

Which is how health anxiety arises. Health anxiety can be one of the most debilitating cycles known to man as it perceives each and every bodily sensation as eternal doom. It’s living each day looking death in the face, and hoping to live another day to fight. When we can get into the minds of someone with anxiety we can put on their pair of lenses. It’s a whole lot different than being emotionally neutral and not making a mountain out of a molehill that’s for sure. But so much of it, to them, feels like it’s out of their hands.

Someone with anxiety must understand that this has been conditioned into them. Everything from the thoughts, to the words they speak, to the actions they take. It has literally become their identity, and identities can change. So make sure to go over the RIC frequently asked questions section to answer your questions on the RIC course, and begin the life coaching journey towards helping someone with anxiety today.

The video will provide someone with anxiety 5 very important reasons not to give up on themselves. Please share with a warrior in need:

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  1. Ikenna Michael
    October 27, 2018

    Exactly, anxiety sufferers need to be assured with the right kind of words that there is more for them in life than that which is threatening their peace.

    1. December 12, 2018

      Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ngola Rose
    October 28, 2018

    There is no good thing about giving up especially for a person with anxiety. Once he or she succumbs to the pressure, he will keep tumbling before any other obstacle in life. Anxiety sufferers must realize the opportunity for enormous growth that stands before them launch out to them. However, this is only possible when there are surrounded with the right set of people.

    1. December 12, 2018

      The right set of people providing the right kind of advice surely can help.

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